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right so - not that many of you will see this/care, im deleting my blog. I was going to take a break for a little while until things kind of blew over but i’ve decided to delete instead. I’m starting a new blog - i’ll post my link later or whatever..

basically, i feel that 99% percent of my followers aren’t there. I know everyone says this but i genuinely feel that way. Im currently on 934 followers and that number hasn’t changed in about month - up or down. Like i said, most of you will probably not care about this but whatever. It’s kind of annoying that im leaving when im so close to 1,000 followers.. but i’d rather have 10 followers who actually paid attention to my blog than a 1,000 who didn’t. 

so yeaah, byee

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we’re brothers; we love each other so much, it’s impossible to imagine life without them.

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Danielle, you know how we feel. I love you a lot.

reblogging 4 the 547396th time coz they’re too perfect okay

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